How did we use to eat? – New Event (CZ)

17/05/2018 .
Let us recall the value of CZ gastronomy and how we have changed since the time of the Republic.

With Petr Horou Hořejš, the author of the Toulky cycle of the Czech past, Slow Food Prague created a program that introduces the audience to our ancestors. What, where, how, and how much did they eat?

Do you know that the Emperor Franz Josef, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Antonín Dvořák, Jan Neruda or Karel Čapek ate very modestly? This is evidenced by preserved recipes such as Kaiserschmarren’s emperor’s famous emperor, plum dumplings and sour martyrs’ mums, Čapkovy potato pancakes …

We look back and learn how they shared a common table of the poor and the rich who ate on a street in Prague or in a mother’s home.

We invite you to a composite show:
.How we used to eat ”
history of the stomach ‘s accent on eating together (restaurants, cafes, factory canteens, groceries for the poor, food on the street …). Thematic ensembles will complement musical performances (period songs, cuplates, Hašler’s songs, etc.) by the Pragtet ladies vocal-instrumental trio.

The narrative will be accompanied by the screening of historical photographs, documents and pictures.

For each viewer we have a little surprise at the end.

Where: Dobeška Theater

When: May 17, 19:00

Performed by: Petr Hora Hořejš
Cast: Pragtet
Prepared by: Slow Food ® Prague

More info in teh CZ page.

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